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Requested in For Kids by Jennifer
edited by Santa

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There are some great learning tablet devices out there that are rugged and virtually kidproof. The InnoTab series by Vtech is designed for kids aged 4 to 9. It has a touchscreen, camera, and microphone as well as the capability for music, games and animated eBooks. It also has notepad, calendar, and art creation features. The LeapPad series by LeapFrog for children 3 to 9 years old is another handheld computer that has educational features for improving reading skills such as pronouncing words when the child touches them. It also gauges the child's progress so parents can know exactly how they are developing.

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The Nintendo Wii U is a big hit with kids. If you remember the old GameBoys this is like it but a million times better. You can bypass the television to play games on it. You can also view internet sites, make phone calls with video and play the old Wii video games you still have lying around. If it's out of your price range (over $200 new) maybe team up with some other family members to get this special gift.
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