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Birthday Gifts for Kids


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For the most part, children are happy with just about anything that is fun and exciting. You want to find toys that are sturdy and will withstand heavy wear and tear. If you can’t find any toys that the child will enjoy try play dough, watercolors, crayons and a coloring book or soap bubbles. There are even special watercolor books that require no paint - simply add water and watch the colors blossom. This may be a very good option for smaller children whose parents may not want to deal with the mess of watercolors. Older children should be able to handle real paints or tie-dye kits.

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Over the last few years there have really been some awesome inventions for kids toys allowing you to really impress your kids with something creative. Watercolor books are great, but why not shop for some really cool things that your kids will enjoy that are more modern?


There are also great subscription boxes out there, some focused just on kids that make for amazing gifts.

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