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18th Birthday Gifts


Requested in Occasions by Jennifer
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The eighteenth birthday is special. It's legal entrance into adulthood which comes complete with adult privileges and legal implications as well.  They can vote, get married and buy property, sign a legal contract, move out of their parents' home, get a credit card, and get a driver's license without having to have a permit first.  They can join a branch of the military.   By all standards someone's 18th birthday is a milestone and one that should be celebrated as special.


photo album or scrapbook filled with things to remind them where they came from or document their life going forward is always a good idea and there are many choices available.  You might consider a digital camera for around $70 to help them fill that album or scrapbook. They come in a wide range of prices and accessories and are widely available. Something that can be personalized is a great way to remember special occasions. An elegant Make-A-Wish water globe engraved with the date and your message would make a nice keepsake and remembrance of this most special birthday. You might also consider making a donation in their name to provide a gift bag to a food bank so that people who could not afford it otherwise can provide a gift for their child's birthday.

Shared by Jennifer
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For some 18th birthday gift ideas that are a little more fun you might give a "Fabulous 18" t-shirt for $25 or a "Kiss me I’m 18" shirt for about $22. If your favorite 18-year old doesn't already have one, a cell phone is a great idea. Many phones come free with the carrier plans or come with account credits for the purchasing of a phone like the Blackberry Curve from T-Mobile, the Motorola Citrus from Verizon, or the LG Lotus Elite from Sprint. You can check out offers from your current carrier by going to their website. Giving them a cell phone is a good way for you to be sure they're safe. Anything related to music is also a great idea. There are many ways they can carry their music with them. MP3 players come in all prices and colors.

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Do they have a favorite band or artist? Maybe there's a favorite team they like to root for? For a larger budget, many tickets for a sporting event, concert, show, art or other events can be purchased through Ticketmaster. The site is arranged by category (such as "concerts") and then more specifically ("country," "jazz," "pop," "rock," etc.) and is quite easy to navigate. If you really want to go all out a special getaway vacation is a great choice. Package deals for anywhere, from a Disneyland resort to a cruise, can be easily found online. Maybe just a visit to family or a friend is just the thing they would love. Cheap flights are always easy to find at Expedia and are sure to make a memorable experience for your 18-year old.

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