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When shopping for men in general you may lean towards sports or electronic themes. Toys like remote-controlled helicopters and cars are fun for men of any age. If you can spend a little more money see how much tickets to a sports game would cost. Also, a round of golf at the local club may be more his style. If your budget is such that these are out of the question you can always try making a home-cooked meal or get him a gift card to some place nice.
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When gift shopping for any man take a moment to think about what his interests and hobbies are. While it may seem as though you can't go wrong with a set of power tools or that new baseball mitt, most men have a wide variety of interests that go beyond the basics. There are many men who would appreciate nice cologne, a book on art or architecture, or even a classic piece of artwork for a gift. Most are also in need of ties for work, church or interviews.

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